Welcome to Twin Cities Cremation

Twin Cities Cremation conducts memorial services in the same way as a traditional funeral home, but we do not have the high overhead cost of an elaborate funeral home. We do have a convenient, comfortable, professional establishment in the midway where we make the arrangements, process the transfer of your loved one and cremains, and provide a comfortable place for private family gathering.

Twin Cities Cremation utilizes Churches, Cemetery Chapels, Public Chapels, Clubs and other public facilities for meaningful memorial services and tributes. Twin Cities Cremation provides a full line of funeral merchandise and unequaled service at prices that reflect overhead savings.

  • We are not the largest provider of cremation/funeral services in the Twin Cities area. Twin Cities Cremation does not plan to be the “Big Box” chain of Funeral Service.
  • Twin Cities Cremation cremates only human remains, we do not accept pets or operate a pet cremation service.
  • We will know where your loved ones remains are at all times.
  • Cremations will be performed individually in a professional setting.
  • Death Certificates will be completed as fast as possible.
  • We will not pressure you to purchase merchandise.
  • We will give you straight answers to your questions.
  • We will give you one person who will be responsible for all your needs and follow through with your family.

At Twin Cities Cremation we believe that you should be informed by more than a 30 second radio or television spot, or minimal newspaper ads when making decisions about final plans. There is no risk or obligation to talk to a professional at Twin Cities Cremation/The Funeral Directors. We feel “It is better to have a final plan and not need it than to need a final plan and not have it.”